Healthy + Vacation = Healthation!

With the Better Living Course

The Covid pandemic has been difficult for all in many ways. Regardless of the stress that you are facing, Yoga can help to alleviate and rejuvenate it. If you are tired of the same old mundane routine but are not ready for a conventional vacation, healthation is the answer for you!


Our centre is tucked away in a bird sanctuary atop a hill on an island. Away from the crowds, The Yoga Institute Goa is the dream destination to take a break while taking care of your health. Experience an unexplored side of Goa while staying safe and boosting your immunity.


Whether you need to work remotely or attend online classes, or if you simply want a change of scenery, a visit to our campus will rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit through the healing power of Yoga.

Reasons You Deserve A Better Living Yoga Retreat:

  • You need a break from the routine

  • You are happy with everything but are still looking for the meaning of life

  • You want your family to have a health holiday

  • You want to have some peace & calm to align your thought and gain clarity

  • You would like to experience solace in nature

  • You aim to take your health goals to the next level

  • To explore the yogic way of living

  • You like to understand how Saatvik food can help in eating clean and how it affects our behaviour

  • You are on the lookout for a complete body, mind and soul detoxification

Schedule and Pricing


All our retreats are 100% bespoke – you can choose how long you want to stay and how you would like to plan your day. There are two schedule options for your convenience:


Healthation – the perfect way to recharge your health and enjoy a vacation.


Start your day with Yogic practices such as kriyas, asana and pranayama followed by a wholesome Sattvik breakfast buffet.


There is a morning break after which you indulge in some insightful sessions on Yogic techniques to boost immunity and improve health, Yoyic relaxation, meditation and all things yoga that will help you lighten up and connect with your inner self.


This is followed by another delightful buffet of Sattvik lunch and then you have the afternoon to explore our grounds, take a dip in the infinity pool or simply relax in the private Portuguese-style villas.


At 4 pm, Sattvik snacks and herbal tea are served in the dining hall.


At 6 pm, join us back for another exhilarating yoga session followed by a dinner buffet. As the sun sets, you begin aligning your body and breath to stretch, release and rejuvenate with a beautifully curated sequence that will be a perfect way to unwind your day. The evening ends with a meditation & reflection session.


The day is concluded with a Sattvik dinner buffet. After this, you can either spend time outdoors or return to your villa to unwind.


Workation a heathation for those who need to stay connected with work or school.


Start your day the same way as in the healthation but you are free to get to work or attend online classes after breakfast.


You can set up your office in your villa overlooking the garden or in one of our many lawns under the shade of lush trees, by the pool or in any of the open areas with breathtaking views of nature.


We will see you back at 4 pm for the evening snacks and then at 6 for the yoga session to help you unpack your day and unwind.


Since we don’t want you to miss out on the yogic techniques to boost immunity and improve health, we will give you a quick session in the evening at a time that is best suited for you. Enjoy your dinner and take the rest of the day to take care of yourself.


We want you to stay for as long as you’d like and hence we have changed our package structures to give you control over your stay:


Pricing per night:


Single occupancy


Current price: ₹5,900/- per person                     Now for: ₹3,500/- per person


Dual sharing


Current price:  ₹7,900/- for two people              Now for ₹ 5,000/- for two people


Four sharing


Current price: ₹14,000/- for four people            Now for ₹ 10,000/- for four people


If you are looking for more customization, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!



  • 4 Satvik Veg Meals & use of general facilities.


Cancellation Policy


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Single Occupancy

Twin Sharing

Four Sharing

  1 Day

  ₹ 5,999/- Day

  ₹ 4,499/- Day

  ₹ 3,999/- Day

  6 Nights / 7

  ₹ 34,999/-

  ₹ 25,999/-

  ₹ 22,999/-

  13 Nights / 14

  ₹ 74,999/-

  ₹ 54,999/-

  ₹ 49,999/-

  27 Nights / 28

  ₹ 1,49,999/-

  ₹ 99,999/-

  ₹ 94,999/-