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The Yoga Institute, chorao Island In Goa, India was founded in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji, and is the oldest centre of yoga in the world. Shri Yogendraji believed that yoga institute was not meant exclusively for bearded men living in the mountains, and he wanted to bring it to householders—the men and women who have to work, toil, commute, earn a living, raise children, and fight the battle of life every day. He wanted to bring it to people living in the town and the city because he believed that the householder could benefit immensely from this knowledge. Little surprise then that Shri Yogendra is known as the Father of Modern Yoga Renaissance.


The Yoga Institute, Chorao Island offers the same authentic yoga experience but at an exotic Island atmosphere where one can rediscover the self.

Why Yoga Classes In Goa Are Famous?


The Yoga Institute in Goa offers the same authentic and traditional Yoga experience as its Mother Branch. However, The Yoga Institute in Goa offers an exotic island atmosphere along with it. It’s a beautiful and scenic place where one can rediscover themselves. When it comes to designing retreats, courses, and the yoga classes in Goa, The Yoga Institute Goa will definitely bring out the best in you while having a scientific approach.


The Yoga Institute believes in making the students self-sufficient by all means. The experiences that they gain from this Island life, can help them to thrive in their daily rapidly changing environment. We practice and preach the life philosophy of Learn, Teach, and Inspire. People walk in, to our yoga institute with minor problems in life and they just want some help but when they walk out, they have a completely different personality and outlook to life. They evolve themselves into these well-equipped and skilled Yoga teachers training in Goa who are now fully prepared to help others. We just provide them the knowledge and resources that we have gathered over these last 100 years.

Teacher training course focus a lot on maintaining a good teacher-student relationship. As only that can be a guiding path on which an individual can walk towards becoming a good yoga teacher. 

The uniqueness of The Yoga Institute Goa is that it is the perfect and ideal place to start your journey within. Situated in a breathtaking setting in the laps of Charão Island, it offers you the life that you always wanted to live. You can never find the calmness and peace that the island life has to offer you in the middle of the fast-paced city life.

  • You can get to explore the unseen views and elements of the Island life
  • Taste and enjoy the healthy Sattvik food that is made by sourcing local ingredients
  • We share our corridor with Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, so watching exotic birds can be a regular affair for you
  • Get astonished by marvelling at the animals of the Island, of course from a safe distance

You can also experience the rich and diverse Indian and Goan culture, while you enjoy your stay and 200 hour yoga teacher training course at The Yoga Institute Goa.

The Yoga Institute truly believes that Yoga is a way of life. It doesn’t focus only on one limb of Yoga, that is, Asana. It distinguishes itself by propagating Yoga as a way of life and not just a physical culture of improving health. We like to adapt the Yogic philosophies in our practical day-to-day living that contributes to a better and healthier life. 


The Yoga Institute, Charão Island, Goa is based on four major pillars. These help us to develop self-control and leads us towards a healthier, happier, and peaceful life:



  • Aahar (Food): We are what we eat. It is our food that helps us to raise our consciousness levels. At The Yoga Institute, we serve Sattvik meals. We include a lot of homegrown organic items like seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables in our meals. We also include sprouts, whole grain pulses, honey, seeds, fresh herbs, and dairy products.


  • Vihaar (Exercise): Balance is very important in every aspect of life, even in Yoga. We emphasise a lot on the importance of recreation/relaxation time. We propagate to follow a peaceful routine and a positive outlook towards like to live a happy, healthy, and balanced life.


  • Achar (Behaviour): The way we conduct and interact with the external world, define who we really are. The first two limbs of the eight-fold path talk only about our behaviour. We try to revolve our Achar around those two limbs. The Yamas and Niyamas help us to imbibe the Yogic knowledge into our daily living.


  • Vichaar (Thoughts): Our thoughts play a significant role in our lives. Even though outwardly a person may appear to be calm, yet an inner turmoil can affect his external environment. The vibrations of the thoughts can have an immediate effect on the surroundings. At the yoga teacher training course institute, we focus a lot on our thoughts and learn how to alter them.


Start your journey within by visiting The Yoga Institute in Goa. Let this tropical paradise help you to live your life in an eternal paradise of SELF









Our Offerings

The Yoga Institute Goa is a pioneer when it comes to designing courses, retreat modules, Corporate training, etc. that will teach you to bring out the best in yourself through a scientific yogic approach.
Teacher Training Courses
Teacher Training Courses

Our Courses open up your body to new sensations and vibes that will transform the way you live.

Better Living Yoga Retreats
Better Living Yoga Retreats

Yogic Retreats that serve as a life detox where one truly feel rejuvenated in mind body & soul.

Corporate Offerings
Corporate Offerings

Creativity, Productivity & Welnesss incuding Yoga Programs & Sessions for hard working corporates.

Customized Offerings
Customized Offerings

Yoga is meant for everyone. Engineering Yoga programs as per your need or group size is our strength.

Yogic Experiences