The Island Experience

Take a pause, and imagine a life you have always wanted to live. Find yourself transported to an island, which is “The” perfect place to start a journey within. A journey of ‘your’ true being combined with Yoga practices and holistic living. Here, one learns Yoga in an extremely immersive setting and commence on a new journey closer to one’s inner calling every day.


At The Yoga Institute, Chorão Island, Goa, find yourself learning Yoga in breathtaking setting for perfect harmony within. In short, it’s a break that you always wanted to take but never did. It’s a life you always wanted to live but never lived. It’s a journey you always wanted to embark on but never started! Restart your life with us, today.

  • Island

    The Island is a cove of many unseen views and other experiences that one gets to discover everyday.

  • Food

    Our food is made with locally sourced ingredients and also from produce that is grown on the property.

  • Birds

    The shared corridor with Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctury, brings some exotic birds becomes a regular view.

  • Animals

    Watch animals of the Island, which is famous for Crocodiles, Otters, Chamelons, etc that will wow you.

  • Local Culture

    The rich & diverse culture of the island, brings some kind of celebration almost every month which is a treat to watch

  • Monuments

    Dots with Churches, Temples and other historical places, explore the island to gain knowledge from the locals