Panch Mahabhuta Retreat

panch mahabhuta retreat

Panch Mahabhuta Retreat



5 Days Panch Mahabhuta Retreat




The Yoga Institute is glad to reopen after the inevitable lockdown of 2020, and we are excited to begin this new journey with the 5 days residential / non-residential  Panch Mahabhuta or the 5 elements retreat.


This is an experiential, introductory course to Yoga theory and practice where one can get a glimpse of a yogic lifestyle for the duration of the 5 days of this retreat within the premises of The Yoga Institute; Each day will represent each element and shall include daily asana classes, separate sessions for practising pranayamas and kriyas, games, various recreational activities, relaxation and meditation sessions as well as insights and experiential learning of various yogic concepts and ideals. Trained teachers of The Yoga Institute will be conducting this course.


Come and experience, amidst nature and beauty, our rejuvenating 5 Days Panch Mahabhuta Retreat.


Join us to transform your overall personality under our safety protocol of social distancing and hygiene.




5 days







Single occupancy

Current price: ₹25,500/- per person                                         Now for ₹19,000/- per person


Dual sharing

Current price: ₹17,500/- per person                                          Now for 14,000/- per person



Current price: ₹9,000/- per person                                           Now for ₹ 8,500/- per person


Please note fees once paid will be non-refundable.

To enroll you need to complete the application form (online or hard copy).

You will receive a confirmation of approval by email or telephone.


Please read on terms & conditions for more details.


For making online payment kindly register on the link below. Within 24 hours after registering, you will receive an email containing the link to the payment portal. You can use the link to make the payment.