5 Yoga Asanas Books You Need to Read

Yoga Asanas Books

5 Yoga Asanas Books You Need to Read

5 Best Yoga Books Every Yogi Should Read In 2020

The world is talking about Yoga. This is a really good thing, however, that also leaves more room for the spreading of wrong information. Not everyone is going to be right about their Yogic theories and knowledge. Doesn’t this situation give you the perfect opportunity to grab a copy of a yoga books that comes from an authentic source? The Yoga Institute is a 100-year-old institute that gives out only that information that is correct and well researched upon.

So with a lot of reading and realising, we have narrowed it down to 5 Yoga Asanas book you need to read. Read on to know more about these best yoga books and then grab your copy soon:

Yoga for all by Dr Hansaji J Yogendra

A must-have book for every householder. No matter which page you open from this book, you will only find practical tips on your life. Mudras, asanas, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, everything is mentioned in this book.

The book acts as a complete guide as it breaks down everything for you. Every yoga asana is broken down into steps, right from the starting position, to the asana, to coming out of the asana. It also sheds light on the contra-indications as to who all are not supposed to do this asana or what could be an easier variation for them.

The probable mistakes that a person can make while performing an asana and how to correct it. And also the benefits that each technique holds, with respect to the psychological benefits, physical and mental benefits, and also what body part is getting targeted with that, is also mentioned in the book.

Overall, the book has a few scientific approach, nothing that gives you gimmicks or make-belief information. It is a very straight forward book, you do this practice correctly, and you get this result, as simple as that. No matter what your age is, this book truly is Yoga for all. Everyone can get to learn or take away something or the other from this book.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Dr Jayadeva and Hansaji

This book is a compilation of talks and commentaries by Dr Jayadeva and Hansaji. Though it doesn’t directly talk about different asanas, it does set the foundation right. A thorough study of the Yoga Sutras should be done by each and every yoga practitioner and student. The Yoga Sutras are scientific facts. There is nothing imaginary about it, just plain practical ways of living life. Both, Dr Jayadeva and Hansaji, practice what they preach. They have been lived the Yoga life and they sure know what they are talking about.

Since they are sutras or aphorisms, they do require a lot of explanation and comments, for any to understand them truly. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali forms the base in Yoga, on which other books and knowledge stack upon. This book acts as the perfect guidance that we need in our daily lives that is given to us in a very simple and easy to understand language.

Yoga Asanas Simplified by Shri Yogendraji

This book is a basic guide for the layman to study and know about Yoga and the different asanas. If you are a beginner and want to just know about what Yoga is and how the different asanas are supposed to be performed, this book can be your reference. In the absence of a Yoga teacher or during such times like the lockdown, a book like this comes very hand. This book also includes a lot of pictures and a step-by-step guide of getting in and out of a yoga posture. It demonstrates simple yoga asanas in coordination with rhythmic breathing, which is not only traditional but also scientific.

Cyclopaedia Volume I – Yoga by Dr Jayadeva

Yoga is gaining a lot of popularity, so are the myths and incorrect practices around it. The whole concept of Yoga is being used for mere commercial use. Amidst all this, it is very important to gain the right and authentic knowledge about Yoga. Yoga is not just about how you can bend and twist your body, it is way more than that. It also isn’t about getting all the yoga clothes, and a fancy yoga mat.

Yoga is way above these materialistic things and thoughts. It is about complete control over the working and wandering of the mind. The definition of Yoga itself is Yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodhah. We should definitely not overlook the spiritual significance of Yoga which results in a deeper and stronger understanding of life and having a stable state of mind.

This book is home to a lot of special information about Yoga and how the asanas of Hatha Yoga are further simplified at The Yoga Institute to suit one and all.

Yoga for Back and Joints Disorders by Dr Hansaji Yogendra and Armaiti Desai

With the current work-life balance and the chaotic workload that everyone has, the growing complaints of back pain is justified. However, it is not acceptable. Now that we know the source of our problems, it is our duty to address the issue and deal with back pain and joint disorders in a better manner.

This book holds a lot of value to treat the patients with back and joint disorders with simple Yoga techniques and asanas. Thereby making this book a must-have and something that you should definitely read as it is the need of the hour.

The asanas that are mentioned in this book have been carefully picked to suit all. So even if you have persistent back pain or any disorder, this book can definitely cater to your requirement.

Read any book with the right intention and it is definitely going to leave you with some information that you can hold on to for a lifetime. That is the power of books!

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Happy Reading!

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