Ashtanga Asana – From Beginner to Master at The Yoga Institute Goa

Ashtanga Asana - From Beginner to Master at The Yoga Institute Goa

Ashtanga Asana – From Beginner to Master at The Yoga Institute Goa

There is no doubt in the fact that Ashtanga Asana is really hard. The longer you practice doing it, the more easily you forget what hardship it takes to master the Asana. For yoga newbies, this can seem daunting and defeating. While we have dedicated our most experienced resources into making this Ashtanga Asana more approachable, even the very basic version of this method is still challenging.

The Yoga Institute Goa has been transforming the lives of people since more than a century and have been teaching Ashtanga Asana to more than 55,000 Yoga teachers worldwide.

Expect to fail

While practising this Asana, nothing is going to be easy on your first try. This particular method asks your mind to be strong. If you learn to accept failures and move ahead, then you will easily get Ashtanga Asana.

Focus on the breath more

Any yoga practice needs you to focus on the breath instead of focusing on the pose. The real magic happens through the channel of your breath. Deep continuous breathing, coupled with sound is the ultimate link that ties your conscious and subconscious mind together.

Surrender to the method

You can often get this feeling that you should do more poses other than the usual sun salutations. But if you learn self-acceptance and surrender to the yoga journey, you’ll experience a benefit that’s better than any yoga pose- PEACE. Inner peace arises when you realise that you don’t have to prove yourself to anybody and your degree of self-acceptance goes high.

Feel your body

Do you know the real and basic purpose of yoga? It is to feel your body. To do the pose correctly is never your aim. It comes automatically. You will master any Asana automatically once you start feeling your body and focus on the breath. The main intention is to bring awareness to every single cell of your body.

The Yoga Institute Goa is a pioneer in curating special yoga courses and training students worldwide. If you are looking to become a yoga teacher or include yoga in your daily routine anyway, please visit

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