Why the Yoga Institute Goa is the best for the Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Why the Yoga Institute Goa is the best for the Yoga Teacher Training Course

Why the Yoga Institute Goa is the best for the Yoga Teacher Training Course?

You are breathing in the serene breeze, lost in the splendour of lush green monsoons. You are amidst the mellow sandy beaches, magnificent coconut trees lining the coastline, and restful shacks. The rustling of the leaves and sonorous chirps are calming your ears. Picture yourself living the most ancient and mindful yogic experience in today’s age. Wondering where?

The Yoga Institute Goa located on the magnificent Charãos Island is an epitome of such a yogic experience. Its Yoga Teacher Training Course is the most holistic, spiritual, physical, philosophical, and knowledgeable yogic program one can practice. And some things make it outstanding:

Yoga as a way of life:
The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course encourages students to accept yogic living as a culture. Not something one learns and leave. It sets them on a certified journey to teach and conduct yoga classes for normal adults and children. And equips them to think about others’ well-being.

Technique, Philosophy, Knowledge:
The course is a holistic mélange of all significant aspects of yogic living and teaching. It equips trainees with history, an understanding of yogic scriptures, asanas, pranayama, kriyas, methodology, benefits, contradictions, and restraints of the practice. And to ensure that aspiring yogis spread the way, they are also groomed in public speaking, communication skills, yoga hygiene, and diet.

The course allows trainees to move beyond their present bodily and mind space. It helps in dispelling the cause of physical illness and mental obstacles. The trainee is taught to advance on the path where there is harmony between the inner and the outer being. It advances them to self-consciousness, saatvik living, and fulfilment.

Trainees get to learn new techniques, based on the legacy and wisdom of Shri Yogendraji- the founder of the institute, established in 1918.

The course ensures that you fulfil the quest to find yourself. For diving into the yogic experience, call and inquire on – 9307047148

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