Ten Awesome Things You Can Learn from Yoga

Awesome Things You Can Learn from Yoga

Ten Awesome Things You Can Learn from Yoga

The list can become pretty long when it comes to Yoga and all the awesome things that you can learn from it. Even Maharishi Patanjali has laid down a few benefits in the Sutras. Nevertheless, here’s an amazing compilation of ten awesome things you can learn from Yoga. To experience them, all you have to do is get on your mat, daily and consistently. And practice Yoga not only while you are on the mat but also when you get off the mat!

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Ten awesome things you can learn from Yoga

  1. Balance

While practicing Yoga, we learn about balance more than anything else. This balance is reflected not only in the Asanas but also in your life when you truly start practicing the Yogic philosophies off the mat as well. The minute we start finding balance in our body and mind, it immediately starts reflecting in the way we handle our daily life. Focus and balance are necessary to successfully move ahead in life. Anything that gets your full attention, is bound to give you the same returns.

  1. Slowing Down

This is one thing that people learn from yoga. Some easily adapt to it and some retaliate, but sooner or later, they make this a part of their lives. Yoga isn’t something dynamic. It definitely is a slow process and form, and eventually slows you down in life, in a good way. Yoga gradually teaches you to become more mindful, breathe through each moment, and make mindful decisions. Above all of this, it teaches you to find brief moments of clarity and peace in this fast-paced life.

  1. Perfection in Imperfection

Yoga evolves you to love your imperfections. No one is perfect, and Yoga just makes you realise this. It is ok to stumble, fail, and fall, but what matters is that you get back up and do it all over again until you get it right. Remember the first time you practiced the Crow Pose? Well, can you see the difference between your first and the last attempt? Yoga just teaches you to keep going and bettering yourself.

  1. Forgiveness

Yoga definitely teaches you to be more forgiving. With daily practice, you first start forgiving yourself for everything that you have been holding against yourself. Then gradually, it starts reflecting outside to others as well. You become more understanding and forgiving toward others.

  1. Contentment

One of the most beautiful and awesome things that you can learn from Yoga is to be content. Yoga helps you to find happiness and contentment, right where you are, with what you have. Rather than clinging to the ‘idea’ of what could give you happiness, you start living in the moment. You are more satisfied with what you already have, rather than what you could have. The moment that shift happens, you start living your day-to-day life in a more pleasurable manner. Whatever you are seeking outside is already within in, be it love, abundance or peace.

  1. Breath

Just a few weeks into Yoga and even you would be able to notice a difference in the way that you breathe. Be it on the mat, or off the mat, your breathing will drastically improve. Just the correct way of breathing can get you out of so many difficult situations, like arguing with someone, road rage, giving a presentation, examinations, and what not! The moment you get good control over your breath, your mind also comes under your control.

  1. Trust

The Asanas that we practice, help us to improve our self-confidence. This, in turn, helps us to develop the ability to trust ourselves. You start believing that you are strong enough, whether holding an advanced yoga pose or facing life situations. What starts as a physical effect, soon percolates deep in, to become a mental and emotional effect as well. This growth, of trusting yourself in your own little ways and being capable to do that off the mat as well, is pretty awesome!

  1. Repetition is good

Keep practicing until you get better, it the motto for any Yoga asana. And even when you are able to do the advanced asana, there is always going to be room for improvement. Soon, you even start applying this funda to your day-to-day life and start improving your relations. Now, instead of getting angry and walking away, you would try reworking on your issues, no matter how many times you have done it in the past. Because, now that you have tried and tested the motto, you know it’s only going to help you.

  1. Self-love

It is only when you are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit, will you be able to give it back to society. Only a jug that is filled with water is able to fill out the empty glasses, isn’t it? Similarly, when with the practice of Yoga you are able to realise about putting yourself first, your other aspects automatically start improving. Practice with all your heart and your practice will definitely give that back to you.

  1. Failure is awesome

If you always keep on passing easily, you will never know how to improve yourself. It is only when you fail, that you put in more effort to improve. This gives you the opportunity to learn and grow! You learn the most when you fail. When you fail at practicing your kriyas in the first attempt, you definitely talk to your teachers and seek more guidance to better it for the next attempt. This core thought process also becomes a part of your life, that failing is awesome, and you keep bettering yourself!

There is more to Yoga than just Asanas and more to Asanas than just the physical form. Let Yoga be a part of your life and you will be surprised by everything it teaches you. So these were ten awesome things you can learn from Yoga, what did you learn?

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