The Yoga Institute, Goa Reviews, Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

The Yoga Institute, Goa Reviews, Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

The Yoga Institute firmly believes in the culture of consciousness and the science of awareness. Both of which, can only happen after you practice and experience the teachings of Yoga.

Here’s what Ritika Bajaj from Mumbai has to say about her experience at The Yoga Institute:

“I went for a Teacher Training course but came out as a better student of life – aware and tuned in to the needs of my body and mind. The 200-hour TTC at The Yoga Institute, Goa was a complete immersion into the yogic way of life – sattvik food, solitude, silence, sadhana, and satsang – all set in a peaceful ashram-like resort. Experiential learning of concepts like Karma Yoga and Vihar (recreation) added to the depth of the course. The biggest plus was the intelligent, experienced, and sensitive faculty and staff who paid attention to each participant’s needs.”

We try to bring to life every little philosophy from our teachings of the ancient texts. We study about texts like Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, Samkhya, and the Bhagavad Gita. This is one of the main things that sets us apart from others. We truly  believe in practicing Yoga as a way of life.

Medha Narwani, a student from Malta, says that she got to experience these life philosophies as well:

“The Yoga institute, Goa turned out to be more than what I had expected. The tranquil and beautiful setting of the place provided the perfect backdrop to retreat inwards and also to take in the profound teachings of the yoga sutras. The smiles of the friendly staff, the delicious sattvik food, the willingness of teachers to answer our every question, the natural setting with exotic birds and the overall ambiance were all so inspiring that learning became a form of meditation. I would recommend this course to knowledge seekers, to nature lovers and to all those who wish to experience life at a subtle level.”

The techniques that we teach at the Institute, are clearly aimed at removing the root cause of physical illness and mental hurdle. This further helps to enhance the mental attributes which lead to a steady, calm, and concentrated mind.

A student from Chandigarh, Vandana Singh was initially a little skeptical about undertaking a Teachers Training Course. But by the end of it, she was grateful for pushing herself to enrol for the course.

“Yoga training school/camp was an experience of a lifetime. To begin with, I was a little apprehensive and maybe a tad skeptical as well…but was still looking forward to it.

I must confess that I am truly fortunate and grateful that the Teacher Training Course happened to me. The time spent at this course and place has been not only invigorating and rebooting (my system) but has been instrumental in changing me, and my life for the better. My outlook towards my own self, my personal upkeep, my state of mind, my professional space and my interaction with the Universe has seen an incredibly remarkable change.

The location and presented environment is beyond words. Without a doubt,  the icing on the cake has been the staff of The Yoga Institute, Goa. The staff and the teachers who taught me poise, calmness, and bring about humility in life, were like an extended family for me. Overall, the most exhilarating and satisfying, peaceful experience of a lifetime which I would like to not only indulge in myself, again but would also like to highly recommend to one and all.”

We like to call our Goa Institute as an Island Life. Here, you can find and rediscover yourself. It’s the perfect place to take the break that you have always wanted to take. This place will act as a catalyst to start your inward journey. It will also support it with Yogic practices and experience the holistic way of living your life.

Elizabeth Espach from South Africa shares her experience with us as:

“The Yoga Institute, Goa is probably one of the most beautiful places one could dream of learning Yoga. The exquisite setting, facilities, and accommodation, together it felt like paradise. All the staff, right from teaching faculty to the support staff, kitchen department, and ground staff contributed to a happy and peaceful atmosphere. They are always ready to help and make your experience a great one, over here. The course itself changed my life – the personal growth was so much more than what I had expected or ever could have hoped for.”

While Rose Boord Perkins from Australia said:

“The Yoga Institute, Goa is in the most beautiful setting. It is like a paradise – separated from the business and noise of cities or towns. It is perched on top of a hill and is a place of quietness and tranquility. Everything is so well run and excellently maintained. It’s a once in a lifetime kind of experience.”

The Yoga Institute, Goa is located at Chorão Island. Another attraction which will give you the perfect Island vibes, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Experience life like never before in a breathtaking environment to get in perfect harmony with your inner self. Follow your heart and take the plunge, and live the life that you always wanted to live. Embark upon the Yogic journey that has always attracted you. We are here for you, reset and restart your life with us, today!

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