Top Reasons to Sign Up for a Yoga Teacher’s Training Course

Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Top Reasons to Sign Up for a Yoga Teacher’s Training Course

Do you practice yoga regularly and would like to go a step further? Would you like to learn about the roots of yoga and spread its teachings? If the answer to any of those questions is a yes, then you should look into signing up for a teacher’s training course in yoga. Even if you would like a deeper understanding of yoga to enrich your own life, a teacher’s training course provides the opportunity to do that. Here are five reasons why you should consider signing up for a teacher training course in goa.

  1. Learn The Fundamentals of Yoga Philosophy

Whenever one sets out on a new adventure, it’s best to go to the root of the subject matter. The word yoga originates from the Sanskrit root word ‘Yuj’, which means integration, combination or union. Basically, yoga is considered to be the joining of the individual self (jivatma) with the universal self (parmatma). The main philosophy surrounding yoga is a firm understanding that the mind, body and spirit are one entity, whereas the fundamental principles of yoga involve relaxing all the groups of one’s muscles, the slowing down of one’s breath and the calming of one’s mind.

  1. Correct Knowledge About Asanas and the Human Body

Anatomy is a medical subject dealing with the basic structure of the body, and understanding the anatomy of the human body becomes a must when one is seeking to become a trained yoga teacher. Yoga teacher training course in goa include basics of anatomy so one can better understand the effects, benefits and contraindications associated with a physical practice. This part of the study includes all major joints, bones, muscles and the most natural movements of the body.

While learning the correct anatomical positions important for physical well being, the deeper purpose of asanas, as explained during a teacher’s training course, is of emotional and spiritual significance. Asanas are specific body structures, which open up energy channels and psychic centres. They are tools to higher awareness and provide a stable foundation for the exploration of one’s body, mind and beyond. Practicing asanas integrates and harmonizes the body and mind.

  1. Help Others Improve Their Life and Health Through Yoga

Being a yoga teacher is a sublime experience with infinite possibilities to refining one’s teaching and practice; constantly learning, while imparting knowledge to others. Being a trained yoga teacher will enable you to help others lead a better quality of life and you will be able to do so with confidence. People suffering from various health issues cannot be expected to do the same poses that fully capable individuals may be able to undertake. There are several factors that affect a person’s capabilities – medical conditions, surgeries, disorders or disabilities, emotional barriers, fear, age, to name a few. Being a teacher, you are able to respect and appreciate all your students the same way, regardless of these differences, and find ways to help each one of them based on their unique needs. You can bring the goodness of yoga to everyone in a way that works best for them.

  1. Improve Your Self Practice

As a practitioner, you already know that maintaining a regular yoga regimen promotes physical and mental health. By taking a Teacher’s Training Course, you become increasingly aware of these benefits while learning the finer details. Yoga teaches one to breathe consciously, allowing the lungs to function better. As a teacher, you learn in detail about the breath and its movement through the body. You learn various techniques of Pranayama that you can not only educate others about, but apply to yourself as well. Similarly, your asana practice will see significant improvement as you apply the knowledge gained to yourself. Most importantly, learning about the philosophy and fundamentals of yoga, you can start making small changes to your life to make it more wholesome, more yogic. Overall, the certification process makes you more aware of yourself and your surroundings, and ultimately equips you to be in harmony with one and all.

  1. An Alternative Career Option for Those Who Don’t Want to be Stuck in 9-5 Jobs

We are all intimidated by doing something outside the box, let alone choosing an offbeat profession. However, let’s look at why being a yoga teacher is worth your while. First off, you will be proud to introduce yourself as a certified and trained yoga teacher. Then, unlike regular jobs, yoga gives you the freedom to conduct classes when you feel like it. You are the boss of your day and it’s not the boring repetitive cycle of a 9-5 job. Teaching yoga, above all else, is soul satisfying. Yes, you can sustain yourself, pay all your bills and lead a great life by earning through teaching yoga.

As a yoga teacher, you will face some challenges like having to fill up a class with students or buying basic equipment. But you will get your returns on it all. If you love meeting and interacting with new people, you will be in the right profession as you meet like-minded people through your teachings. Public interaction also helps you grow as a person. You will be doing something you absolutely love, and work will not feel like work any longer. You will be happy, have peace of mind and control the amount of work you want to undertake. Let’s not forget that you could travel to any part of the world as a yoga teacher, and fit right in. The opportunities are endless.

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