5 Reasons Why People Like Yoga

Why People Like Yoga

5 Reasons Why People Like Yoga

Yoga has been a central part of the Indian spiritual and cultural fabric for a long time. And what was practiced before by only the sadhus and the hermits has now found widespread acceptance amongst the masses all across the globe. So what is it that makes yoga so appealing to the people? Here is a look at a few reasons on why people like yoga.

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  1. Stress relief

One of the most basic and common reasons why people join yoga is because of its immense stress-relieving abilities. In the modern world, stress has become a common factor for degrading human health and putting people at the risk of hypertension and heart-attacks. Focusing on breathing and doing pranayama on a regular basis has given a lot of people the mental peace that eluded them before. This has greatly improved their lifestyle and prevented them from life-threatening diseases. Yoga has shown people the path to centering themselves into the inner-self and move away from the materialistic world, reducing the stress caused by it. As a result, people have started loving Yoga for the immense positivity it brings into their life.

  1. Flexibility and body strength

Another common reason why people like yoga is because of the immediate benefits to the body. Whenever someone says the word Yoga, the first image that comes to your mind is that of a person stretching or in a complex pose. Yoga makes the body undergo numerous poses and stretches which in turn improves the flexibility and strength required for deeper yogic practices.

As the body grows stronger, the mind is also able to concentrate and focus more. This is generally the ignored benefit of yoga as how it lays the foundation for the mind to remain calm and concentrate more. The different asanas in Yoga work with the different muscle groups in the body at the same time, thus giving the practitioner strength in all parts of the body. Losing weight due to the physical rigour is also the direct benefit of yoga. People love this aspect of yoga because it provides a great alternative to going to the gym and pumping iron!

  1. Spiritual benefits

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of yoga is finding the spiritual balance within you. Many people today feel irritated, stressed and unhappy in spite of having most of the luxuries around them. Their search for this mental peace ends up in them seeking something beyond the regular. And their answer comes in the form of Yoga. Its  meditation practices, asanas, and pranayamas help people seek their spiritual side. Being connected to the universe and exploring the divine presence within, is an enjoyable and unique experience for many people. And that’s why they like yoga because it changes their perspective about life completely.

  1. Pain relief

While many people prefer to pop a pill to get rid of any pain in the body, pain relief is one of the major reasons why people love yoga. While the medicines work on a physical level, yoga helps the doer to align energy with his spiritual chakras which in turn helps relieve any pain present within the body. It energizes the different systems in the body, increases blood flow and helps build immunity. Relaxation of the muscles, deep breathing are techniques that are helpful in relaxing the muscle providing relief from any kind of pain.  As a result, the relief from pain is not a temporary side-effect but rather a permanent solution.

  1. Concentration and mindfulness

Because Yoga works a lot with the power of the mind, many people benefit from an increased capacity to concentrate on things. Their focus improves dramatically as the distractions around them start bothering them less and less.  One of the main reasons why people love yoga is because of this aspect. Along with concentration, yoga also makes them more mindful of the things around them and naturally moves the spirit and the mind on the path of bliss and happiness. We can see today a lot of people, especially students, turning to Yoga to increase their concentration capacities. They like yoga because it’s very natural and easy to do in the majority of the cases.

Yoga has a universal appeal for a variety of reasons. It works directly with your body, mind, and breath and gives you an experience that is not easily found otherwise. It helps people overcome anxiety, anger, depression, hypertension, etc by simple yet effective techniques like the Pranayamas. The reason why people like it so much is because it encourages them to look within themselves. In a manner that is deeper and teaches them to remain unaffected by the good or bad in life.

It is this unique perspective that makes Yoga such a favourite amongst the masses!

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