How is Pranayama beneficial to fight Covid?

Pranayama benefits - Yoga and COVID-19

How is Pranayama beneficial to fight Covid?

We’ve all heard about Pranayama’s immense benefits. It helps improve one’s physical and emotional health. By controlling your breath and inhaling-exhaling at a different pace, one can overcome many physical and mental obstructions such as shortness of breath and one can increase one’s lung capacity. Looking at the world assailed by the coronavirus that fatally infects the lungs, this is the best time to practice Pranayama and fight the pandemic with all our might.

Let’s understand what coronavirus can do to the respiratory system so that you can fully appreciate the benefits pranayama offers. Coronavirus affects the lungs- it can cause mild to severe breathing difficulties and reduce the lung’s capacity to hold oxygen. Now, how does Pranayama help? Let’s dig deeper.

Prana in Pranayama means- “breath or vital energy.” And Ayama means “control.” Through this, it helps in achieving a higher state of awareness. Now the questions to ask oneself is, although we are breathing effortlessly every day, how effective is our breath? Are we living to the fullest? Is our posture correct for effective breathing and chest expansion? To improve and do the needful, Pranayama is the answer.

Benefits of Pranayama:

  • It boosts the immune system. The diaphragm’s movement stimulates the movement of lymph and fluids with white blood cells.
  • It’s the best way of detoxification i.e., to remove all the accumulated toxins from the body.
  • It calms the mind and relieves stress and anxiety.
  • It clears out the stuffy nose and nasal passage- which can occur during Covid.
  • It helps in relieving gastrointestinal issues- which can occur during Covid.

We are doing everything that will prevent us from getting affected and protect us from the fatal impact of the virus. We are eating healthy and well, wearing masks, sanitizing, sleeping well, social distancing – why not add one more essential thing to our routine? Since we want our respiratory tract to be up and working, let’s not ignore Pranayama. A healthy breath can save us. Each breath counts! To know more and understand how to fight Covid by Yoga- call the Yoga Institute Goa on 9307047148.

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