Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Goa

Top Vegetarian Restaurants

Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Goa

As a yoga student, one is conscious about the food we consume and prefer to follow the principle of ahimsa. Many choose to show compassion to animals and choose to be vegetarian…If you’re a vegetarian and in Goa for our teacher training program, there are plenty of different places where you can get a tasty selection of vegetarian food. Here are some of the leading vegetarian restaurants that we think you will enjoy while you’re visiting Goa.

Bean Me Up, Vagator

Bean Me Up Vagator

This alfresco restaurant is perhaps the best known vegetarian restaurant in Goa and their entire menu is vegetarian. Try their Mango Sushi, Vietnamese Pho or Burmese Khao Suey if you like rich flavours. Their Soya Cheese Margarita pizza and the rich creamy spaghetti are also loved by most who visit. Their breakfast menu also leaves you spoilt for choice. Located near the Vagator Petrol Pump, up the forked road that inclines to the left, just a few hundred metres down.

Saraya, Sangolda


Who doesn’t love a good wood-fired pizza now and then? Well, Saraya is the go-to place in Goa for delicious vegetarian pizzas. The great thing about this eclectic restaurant is that everything you eat on your pizza is homegrown and organic. Besides pizzas, they also have great smoothies, salads and tasty bites from around the world.

Artjuna, Anjuna


An all-time favourite cafe, Artjuna is one of the most famous cafes in Goa and is always crowded so head over a little early. They aren’t a vegetarian restaurant but have plenty of vegetarian options and are more than accommodating. It’s the perfect brunch spot as you can enjoy your refreshing salad, mezze platter or avocado sandwich. You can also delight in their coffees, gelatos and Eskimos (delicious slush made with crushed ice) to finish up your meal. Another branch of Artjuna is Mojigao, not far away in Assagao but with a different ambience in a jungle-like eco-resort.

Natti’s Naturals, Vagator


An organic store and cafe, Natti’s Naturals is a vibrant and colourful open-air cafe in Vagator. Most of their food is organic and incredibly healthy, while being utterly delicious. Their vegetarian Mezze Platter and Veg Burger are a must-have along with their smoothies and juices. Finish your meal with a vegetarian dessert like an Acai Berry Cocoa Cake that will leave you wanting to come back for more. Since they’re not a pure vegetarian or vegetarian restaurant, inform them that you’re vegetarian so that they can ensure you have a wonderful experience there.

Eva Cafe, Anjuna


If you’re looking for a tranquil day with the sound of the waves and good food, Eva Cafe is a must-visit. Though it’s a little hard to find this tiny cafe facing Anjuna Beach, near Guru Bar, you will want to take the extra trouble for the unbeatable view and picture-perfect food. While they offer one or two non-veg dishes, their menu is mostly vegetarian and they have a lot of vegetarian options. Call in advance and reserve a table as the few tables they have fill up fast.

Maya’s Organic Cafe, Arambol


This cute little vegetarian cafe in Arambol makes some delicious vegetarian and raw food dishes, like spinach and mushroom momos. You can also relax and unwind with their peaceful ambience and sip on their different shakes…The menu features a host of different Indian and international options for you to choose from like their Vegetarian Pumpkin Curry or Ravioli with Pesto.

Shantaram Raw, Arambol


Ever tried a raw thali? Well, we can confirm that it’s delicious. With a beautiful view and a peaceful atmosphere, this rooftop restaurant is a must-visit for unique vegetarian food. They’re closed during the off-season so call ahead or check their Facebook to make sure that they’re open when you want to visit. Another plus is that they offer cooking lessons, so if you like their food, you should sign up and give it a try…

Some of the other restaurants and cafes that have vegetarian options include Ruta’s Roadhouse in Assagao, Villa Blanche in Assagao and Zest Cafe in Agonda. Goa has so many more restaurants and many of the regular restaurants are also happy to oblige their customers. So you can comfortably continue a vegetarian lifestyle in Goa and usually have a great view too!

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