Yoga Teacher Training with things to do in Goa

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training with things to do in Goa

There is more to Goa than just partying and chilling. It is also the place to find yourself and at the same time lose yourself in the serenity. There are so many things to do over here, it has endless opportunities for everyone. No matter what your need is, Goa will definitely have something to offer to you.

One of the best things that you can do while taking a vacation in Goa, is to learn Yoga. Learning Yoga in Goa will not only make your vacation worth remembering but will also leave you with knowledge for a lifetime. Here is a list of some fun things that you can do in Goa, while you spend your time there undergoing the Yoga Teacher Training Course In Goa:

  1. Beaches: Goa has a lot of beautiful beaches to offer. From the North to the South, the options are endless. Pick the beach that suits your mood. Be it peaceful, party, activity or fun, there is definitely a beach for every mood. Relax on the beach after your Yoga class and spend some time with yourself introspecting everything that you learnt in your class.
  2. Water sports: If you want to take a break from a peaceful mental state, then you can definitely indulge in some water sports activity. Give yourself a little break and let loose. Try the morning time to get the best of both worlds – peace as well as fun. Let go of everything that is holding you back by going for a swim, relaxing, and taking a dip in the sea. Enjoy right from your heart, like a child that has no fears.
  3. Spice walk: You can also take a walk through the aromatic spice plantations. India is known for its spices. And what can be a better way to connect to the roots of India than to walk through the fresh farms? Some of these plantations also have tuskers. So if you are lucky, you could also get the chance to feed, bathe, or get splashed by them!
  4. Cruise: It goes without saying that along with the beaches, Goa also has cruises to offer. Take a break from your hectic life, and spend some time in solace. Let the calm waters engulf you and your mind. The best time to go on a cruise is sunset. Watch the setting sun from your cruise, after your days class at the Yoga Teacher Training. If you are lucky, then you could also spot some dolphins!
  5. Snorkelling: This is another famous water activity. It is said that you can hear even the silent most thought of yours when you are underwater. Being underwater is in itself a life-changing moment. Experience a different world and rediscover yourself through this experience. Scuba diving, snorkelling, walking under the water, you name it and Goa has that to offer it to you.

Yoga Teacher Training in itself is a life-altering experience. Couple it up with Goa, and you are bound to have an experience of a lifetime! Let Yoga amidst the beaches transform your mind, body, and life as a whole. We are sure that with this Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, you are going to leave a piece of your heart back here in Goa!

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