What to do after Finishing Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga Teacher Training

What to do after Finishing Yoga Teacher Training?

6 Tips To Do Once Your Yoga Teacher Training Course Is Over In 2020

Congratulations on completing your Yoga Teacher Training! You did it! But, wait, now what? What would be the next thing? How can you grow yourself on this path? The questions can be endless, and the solution may seem clouded. But don’t worry, we have got your back. Most of the people had full-time jobs while they were pursuing the Teacher Training, so does this mean you need to quit now? Well, we all want to do that sooner or later, right? However, read this article to know more about your future choices, before you take any steps. We are sure that this will help to bring some clarity and also offer you some solutions.

  1. Start teaching

Your Yoga Teacher Training Course Certificate holds allows you to start teaching Yoga to others. Initially, to get a boost of confidence, you can start off with one or two students. Try teaching your friends and family members until you don’t feel confident enough to teach the real world. Just use the teachings well and for the well-being of others. Keep in mind the limitations and contraindications, and put your teachings to good use. As and when you gain confidence, you can start taking up more students and even work for hospitals, institutes, health care centres, and independent Yoga studios. Spread the right knowledge of Yoga that you have learnt and help others to uplift their lives.

  1. Deepen your own practice

A student is only as good as the teacher is. In order for you to teach others, your own practice must be good enough. You must know which muscles are getting used with which asana, so that you will be able to help your students better. This can happen only with the practical experience of your knowledge. So, one of the steps that you can do as a new yoga teacher is to deepen your own practice. A lot of people just run behind earning money and taking as many classes as they can, and amidst all this, they forget about their own practice. Always remember, you are a student for life. Keep working and bettering yourself even after you finish your Yoga Teacher Training.

  1. Advance courses

After you finish your basic Yoga Teacher Training, you can move on to the next step and pursue an advanced certification course or even consider getting a diploma. The Yoga Institute also has 200 Hour yoga Teacher Training Course. Such courses help you to dive deeper into the subject matter. The courses are quite intensive but help you to evolve as a teacher and a Yoga practitioner.

  1. Attending workshops

Always keep yourself abreast of all the latest happenings and techniques. Even though Yoga is a traditional science, there are a number of studies that are being conducted on a regular basis to complete the link between this traditional science and the modern sciences. Keep attending workshops and classes, as a student, to keep your practice and knowledge fresh and updated. You can also learn different forms of yoga, just so that you have the answers to give your students when they ask you questions about it. Never underestimate the value of continuing your education even after you become a successful teacher.

  1. Assist as much as you can

You can learn a lot even by mere observation. Try to work under someone to enhance your knowledge. A man is known by the company he keeps. Your initial days are the crucial ones, as you are still trying to get some grip on the situation. You are suddenly swimming in this vast ocean now. It is always better to learn survival from someone who has spent a lot of days in the sea, right? So, assist someone, and learn their ways of teaching, and try to incorporate that with your own teaching style. Half the battle is won when you just ‘show up.’ This will not only add a lot of experience in your resume but also add valuable experience to your life.

  1. Re-read

This is a tip, that most people don’t give out, simply because others don’t follow it. Well, we would highly recommend you to re-read your notes and books from your Teacher Training Course. When we are undergoing a program, there are a lot of things that don’t make practical sense to us. However, when few years down the line, after having some experience of the real world and Yoga teaching, we understand the same things in a much deeper and better manner. So after you finish your course, try revisiting your notes periodically and allow your understanding of the concepts and sutras to evolve.

Again, congratulations on completing your course! You are now on the path of a life-changing journey, make the most of it. Be honest and true to your practice and knowledge, and see where it takes you. Not all changes happen in the outside world, some happen in the inside world, which is the most important one of them all.

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    Posted at 00:27h, 02 April Reply

    This is a great list! I’d love to do more assisting and re-reading of the yogic texts.

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