Yoga for Immunity Boost – 10 Yoga Poses to Boost your Immunity System

Yoga for Immunity Boost

Yoga for Immunity Boost – 10 Yoga Poses to Boost your Immunity System

The current world scenario has suddenly given a spike to the usage of the word ‘immunity.’ Earlier, in the ‘normal world’ we needed immunity when the seasons changed and when we approached the colder weather. However, now our desperation to boost our immunity is for a different reason altogether. Now everyone truly wants to be healthy so that they don’t catch the virus. The most common tool is Yoga for Immunity Boost. The lockdown saw a surge in the application of Yogic techniques, and we hope that it is here to stay!

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When we talk about yoga for boosting immunity system, we first need to understand the ‘whys’ behind it. Yoga is a time-tested and effective natural immunity booster that makes the body healthy and sickness-free. It helps to lower the stress hormones and in turn strengthens the nervous system while stimulating the lymphatic system as well. It is this lymphatic system that pushes the toxins out of the body. To maintain a healthy body, the mind needs to calm and we must get regular sleep. Both of the criteria are very well taken care of, by the regular practice of Yoga. Let us now look at some yoga poses for immunity boost!

10 Yoga Poses to Boost your Immunity System


1. GarudasanaGarudasana

A simple asana that promotes circulation throughout the body and helps to clear out any chest congestions.
– Stand with your feet together and arms by the side of the body.
– Gently, wrap the right leg around the left leg, and simultaneously, wrap the right arm around the left arm.
– Once the balance is maintained, straighten your torso.
– Maintain the pose for 8-10 seconds and gently release the asana while exhaling.
– Repeat the same procedure with the opposite leg and arm.

2. Adho Mukha Svanasana


Adhomukha Shvanasana

Adhomukha Svanasana

Gravity does its job well in this asana, as it helps to bring the blood flow towards the head and clear out the sinuses.
– Lie down on the abdomen with the hands by the side of the chest.
– Inhaling, lift the hips off the floor and towards the ceiling so that only your palms and feet are on the floor in a triangle position.
– Take a few normal breaths here, and release after 9-10 seconds.

3. Virabhadrasana




An excellent asana to bring about the Bhava (attitude) of strength and fierceness, that would help to keep the body and mind strong. This asana further helps to build up the stamina.
– Stand with a three-foot distance and hands by the side of the body.
– Point one foot outward and bend the same knee, so that the knee and ankle are in one straight line.
– Hands by the side in a ’T’ position and look towards the side your toes are pointing.
– Hold the asanas for a few normal breaths and release.

4. Talasana

Talasana - Palm tree pose


This is also known as the ‘Mother of all Asanas’ as it forms the base of most of the standing asanas. It removes dullness and keeps you refreshed. This, in turn, levels up your energy levels and harmonises the body and mind.
– Stand erect with the hands by the side and feet together.
– While inhaling, raise your arms upwards towards the ceiling, simultaneously rising up on the toes in a synchronised manner.
– Retain the pose for a few seconds, and exhaling, release the asana.

5. Bhujangasana



Bhujangasana can enhance the working of the digestive system, the root cause of most of the diseases. If your gut is healthy, you are healthy. This asana further opens up the lungs and the heart chakra to relieve stress.
– Lie on your abdomen with the hands by the sides of the body.
– Bending the elbows, place the palms facing down near your chest, keeping your elbows close to the body.
– Inhaling, raise your head and neck upwards to look up towards the ceiling. Raise your upper body only until the navel and not more, with your feet together.
– Hold the position for a few seconds and exhaling, release the pose.

6. Matsyasana



This stimulates the digestion as well as the core. It also helps to regulate and stimulate the thyroid gland.
– Sit in padmasana.
– Inhaling, recline backward, supporting your body with your arms and elbows and lie down.
– Cradle your head with your hands. And close the eyes.
– Maintain the pose for six seconds and gently release the pose.

7. Dhanurasana



This asana gives you a deeper stretch than Bhujangasana. With consistent practice, it is an excellent yoga pose for immunity boosting.
– Lie down on your abdomen with the arms by the side of the body and feet together.
– Bend both the legs and grasp the ankles from behind.
– While inhaling, raise your legs and the upper body as much as you comfortably can.
– While exhaling, release the grasp the lower the body. Relax.

8. Yogendra Pranayama IV aka Diaphragmatic Breathing

Yogendra Pranayama IV

Yogendra Pranayama IV

The Yoga Institute’s technique helps to breathe deeply and makes ourselves stronger from within.
– Lie down on your back, with the knees bent and feet close to the hips.
– Place one hand on the navel and the other by the side of the body.
– Inhale slowly, gradually, and fully so that your diaphragm pushes your abdomen out.
– Exhaling, let the abdomen fall down.
– Practice continuously for about 5-10 rounds.

9. Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayam

Bhastrika Pranayam

This pranayama helps in increasing lung capacity, purifying the lungs and strengthening the core.
– Sit in a comfortable meditative posture.
– Inhale and exhale deeply and fully using the diaphragmatic muscles with vigour.
– Practice about 10 breath cycles per round and relax for a few seconds. Practice not more than three such rounds in one sitting.

10. Shavasana



The most effective yet the most difficult asana is the Shavasana. After you finish off your yoga routine, lie down in Shavasana for a few minutes and consciously relax. This asana will help you to relieve stress and bring about homeostasis in the body and mind.


Make Yoga a way of life and you won’t even need to think of ‘boosting your immunity.’ Good immunity is only a complementary effect of a dedicated and consistent yoga practice. Practice daily and stay healthy!

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