How to Teach Yoga to Senior Citizens

How to Teach Yoga to Senior Citizens

How to Teach Yoga to Senior Citizens

Teaching yoga to senior citizens may seem a daunting task at first, maybe because of their reluctant behaviour towards trying new poses or health issues. But if you know the drill, it’s easier than you may think. Want to know how? Stay till the end!!!

A warm welcome
You may organise a meet and greet session before starting the class. Yoga for señior citizens should give them an opportunity to meet their peers and socialise a little. Older age people often feel isolated and an urge to go out and socialise, provide them with a chance to interact with others through a short meet and greet session before yoga class.

Slow down
The pace at which you’re taking a class is essential. Slow transitions and pauses between yoga postures will allow your students to experience bodily sensations and take moments of relaxations. This is essential for the sole purpose why we practice yoga – self-realisation.

Stay positive
Encouragement is necessary to learn any yoga posture. For senior citizens, it may seem daunting at first to do a yoga posture correctly. A mere suggestion of trying a new pose might create resistance and a lot of grumbling from their side. Rather than passing a judgment that they can’t do it, it is challenging for them to do it, encourage them to accept their limitations, and follow their inner voice.

Breathe and count
Many seniors have either a diminished lung capacity, high blood pressure, heart disease or have COPD. All of these problems are a hindrance in breath-holding work which is required in yoga frequently. However, you should make sure that your students practice deep three count breaths, as they can benefit from filling and expanding the lungs.

Know your student
Some of your older students can be strong, in shape, and teaching them can be insightful and interesting. On the contrary, some are just beginners and trying the poses of yoga for the first time. There can be injuries and medical issues which can limit their yoga practice. So whenever you meet a new student, make sure that you ask them about their medical history, injuries and overall physical health.

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