How Yogic meditation is helping COVID-19 patients

How Yogic meditation is helping COVID-19 patients

How Yogic meditation is helping COVID-19 patients

Pandemic has been a tough time for everyone across the world. While people only thought about hitting the mat for maintaining themselves. The pandemic has put everyone on guard. Now people better understand Yoga as a holistic practice for the mind, body, and soul—a practice for mindfulness, that can be achieved through Yogic Meditation.

The fear instilled by the mutating virus has kept the world indoors in confinement. A norm that we as humans aren’t used to. The feeling of uncertainty and seclusion had put stress on our body and mind. But Yoga knows no bound. It just requires you to be willing to practice it. And there is not a better time to practice Yogic Meditation than today, especially for COVID-19 patients.

Yogic meditation involves focusing on the inner for a better and healthy outer. It consists of controlling the pace and amount of breath that enhances your body’s vital functions- such as lung capacity, clarity, concentration, positive thinking, and spontaneity. It stimulates and rejuvenates the nervous system, which has become too worked up by what’s going around.

When a person is anxious or fearful, the heart rate generally goes up. Many COVID-19 patients post their recovery might have felt anxious and nervous to catch the virus again. Unlikely the virus, maybe many a times due to emotional turmoil, people wake up with increased heart rates or a feeling of choking. Yogic meditation and Pranayama help normalizing heart rate, bringing your body back to normal and making you feel calmer and present.

To sum it up, Yogic Meditation helps you to breathe better, brings clarity and calm, and keeps you uplifted irrespective of your environment. If you want to know and learn more about Yogic Meditation, contact us on 9820557676.

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