Yoga Teacher – Qualification, Eligibility, Certificate, Salary

Yoga Teacher Eligibility

Yoga Teacher – Qualification, Eligibility, Certificate, Salary

Who is a Yoga Teacher?

A Yoga teacher is a person who is trained to properly and with the right techniques teach the practice of Yoga. Their role can also extend beyond the physical aspects of yoga i.e. Asanas, as they may take a holistic approach that incorporates the mental, emotional and spiritual elements of the discipline into their teaching by teaching Pranayama, Meditation, Kriya’s, Various Techniques and Philosophy.

Today, many people choose yoga to either learn it for their own fitness or pursue it as a career. There is a sudden increase in the number of interested people who want to learn yoga after the Pandemic, making Yoga Teacher is one of the most rewarding careers in today’s time.

Various Schools, colleges, fitness Centres, many private companies have made sure to arrange yoga classes at regular intervals for the well-being of their students, employees, and customers.

Becoming a Yoga teacher can be an excellent option with a decent salary for newcomers and also for experienced professionals. Like any other career option, becoming a yoga teacher is not an easy job. It requires a lot of practice, dedication, self-study and focus. So, let’s clear all doubts on how to become a Yoga Teacher, here you can know about the Yoga Teacher Eligibility, Yoga Teacher Qualification, Yoga Teacher salaries, Certificates and more.


Why Choose Yoga Teacher as a Career?

  • This is a noble and honorable career that contributes to both the physical & mental well-being of yourself as well as others.
  • Yoga is among one of the highest-paying professions in today’s modern world, both in India and Abroad.
  • Your career as a Yoga teacher shall give you the freedom to be your own boss and to conduct classes on your own terms and ethics, and associate with your clients on a spiritual level as well.
  • Yoga is a soul-satiating experience as it allows the teacher to help people heal from their traumas, fight their demons, and rise high in life with the help of Yoga Techniques.
  • Your journey as a Yoga teacher shall not be limited to only taking classes but shall extend to moments of realizing your own shortcomings, demons, and some leftover negative feelings within. It will help you heal too.
  • A career in Yoga shall give you very many opportunities to travel the world, meet new people, witness varied cultures, and be amidst the beauty of the place.
  • You Interact with many and will come across people with different mindsets, past, and stories that will help you grow spiritually and mentally.
  • Yoga teaching is not just limited to conducting classes, helping students learn a pose gives you a chance to deepen your knowledge as well.
  • After completion of the Yoga Teacher Training Course, you can approach other opportunities, such as a Therapist, Counsellor, Personal Trainer, and even Researcher in the field of Health & Wellness.

Yoga Teacher Eligibility/Qualification


To become a Certified Yoga Teacher in India, you have to complete Graduation and Post Graduation in yoga. The education provided in these Professional courses helps you understand the basics of yoga.

Now, the question that worries you is “I am not a graduate in Yoga, now what??” We have you covered. If you are not a Graduate in yoga no problem, you can still be a certified Yoga Teacher by opting for Certification Courses in yoga. So that you can achieve your dream of becoming a Yoga Teacher in India. Yoga Teacher Training Courses at The Yoga Institute, Goa is a course recognized/accredited by the Ministry of Ayush and Yoga Alliance USA. This course will help you understand the deeper aspects of Yoga and develop the skills of becoming a Yoga Teacher.

Remember that not only having knowledge of Yoga schools, good Yoga Practice, and Profound knowledge of Different asanas, You also need to know about the teaching side of Yoga. So, what I recommend is even if you are a Graduate or Post Graduate in yoga, you should still go for Yoga Certification Courses for understanding the teaching side of yoga and gaining deeper knowledge with hands-on experience.

Yoga Teacher Certificate


Ordinarily speaking, to start teaching yoga, you do not need to have a certification, but if you plan to make this a career option you will surely face issues while finding a job, or clients.

Yoga practice/ teaching involves precise postures and controlled movements, which when carried out wrong even slightly can led to considerable amount of discomfort to the muscles. To prevent making any such erroneous and incorrect decisions when teaching yoga, it is always better to get professional training and a certificate in the field.

If you go to see any other career options like an Engineer has his degree and certificates, a Doctor has his accolades, even a teacher has his or her Certificate. In the same manner, if you choose to become a Yoga Teacher as a career option a backing of a Certification from a well-known, government-recognized institution will take you places.

Nowadays people are very well aware, they don’t entertain if one doesn’t possess a proper degree or Certification. You need not go for the highest level of Certification, there are many Institutions that require a minimum of 200-hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certification. The Yoga Institute, Goa has the 200 hrs Yoga Teachers Training Course to help you begin your career as a Yoga Teacher. RYT 200 is the foundational/basic level certification that is required to do other advanced certifications.

Yoga Teacher Salaries


Demand for a yoga teacher is increasing day by day and is developing into a serious career option for many. In this fast-paced life, numerous people are leading stressful lives. We demanding jobs makes family time or time for self almost impossible. So, they aren’t able to take care of their physical, mental or emotional health.

Yoga is not only useful for staying fit and healthy it can also be a good career option. Many institutions like The Yoga Institute, Goa across the country are offering yoga-certificate courses. You can just complete a course and become a certified yoga Teacher. Being a yoga teacher, you can keep yourself healthy and you can be some one people come to, to get relief from their stressful life.

In today time world is a stressful place, increasing the demand of yoga. Yoga Teachers are needed in all educational institutions, Hospitals, Gyms, Health Care Centre’s, Companies, and Housing Societies. Apart from this, many TV channels also hire teachers for their yoga shows, so, Options a many to choose from, you have an option to work full time for part time and you can earn a good salary by being a Yoga Teacher. You can also run your own Yoga Studio or your own YouTube channel and earn money. There’s very high demand among Celebs who practice yoga under yoga teachers, those Celebrity Trainers charge anywhere from Rs. 5,000- Rs. 10,000 per session. It all comes down to your skills, experience and the name you build for yourself as a yoga teacher, you can charge from Rs. 500 – Rs. 5,000 for a session. Remember, similar to every other job role, your experience and skill sets shall affect the pay you receive.

Becoming a yoga teacher is both exhilarating and demanding. With the required skill set, you can become an amazing teacher making your dream come true. You just need to keep working hard and keep yourself updated to become a successful Yoga Teacher in no time. Hope all the aspects are covered to resolve all your queries with regards to becoming a good Yoga Teacher.

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