10 Facts About Yoga Teacher Training In Goa That You Never Knew

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

10 Facts About Yoga Teacher Training In Goa That You Never Knew

When one thinks of Goa, images of beautiful sandy beaches, coconut trees lining the coastline, cozy shacks, and a vibrant nightlife flood the mind. But little known is how great a destination it is for training to be a Yoga Teacher. Yoga Teacher training courses gives a great opportunity for yoga practitioners and students to expand their knowledge and learn valuable skills for dispensing it as a teacher. All over the world, there are many such programs that attract a large number of aspirants. What makes Goa a unique and sought-after destination for these programs? Here are just a few reasons to tell you why!

  1. Proximity to Nature

With around 70 beaches and almost 1/3rd of the state under forest cover, there is no dearth of naturally beautiful settings to practice yoga. This proximity to nature becomes very important when having a yogic experience. Whether as a student or being in training to become a yoga teacher, it can add up to your experience. Imagine a cool sea breeze caressing your face as you open your eyes from deep meditation to the sound of the waves under the shade of palm trees.

  1. An international group of Teachers

Goa is an international destination that attracts a lot of people from all over the world. About 4 lakh foreigners come to this beautiful state and amongst them are some great practitioners and teachers of yoga. So effectively, Goa has a blend of not just traditional Indian teachers who bring the core Indian philosophy but also international teachers who have studied and practiced the different modern forms of yoga. Yoga teacher training in India, especially in Goa, thus provides you with this dual advantage and provides a unique experience.

  1. Clean simple Food

Indian vegetarian food, especially Sattvik Aahar is known to be clean, simple and cruelty-free. Goa has a plethora of different local cuisines which form a major part of your daily life, which you can experience when you enroll for a Teacher Training Course. Owing to natural resourcefulness and the easy availability of organic food, your well-being is enhanced. A yogic lifestyle demands cleanliness and purity in all aspects of life. By being a part of the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training course, all of these aspects are introduced to you.

  1. Wonderful Weather

The Goan weather is perfect to practice yoga and to simply enjoy the bounty that Mother Nature has to offer. While the peak months to visit Goa and enroll yourself for a Yoga Teachers training course are from November to January, every season has its own beauty. The lush green monsoons are especially amazing if you want to be away from the crowd and also take advantage of the ‘off-season’ prices across Goa.

  1. Social life

Some Teacher training courses which are located in the extremely isolated locations offer little to no socializing. Goa is a destination that offers the best of all worlds. While you will be spending a lot of time learning Yoga and becoming a trained teacher, Goa offers a lot of opportunities to break from the routine and find places to socialize and meet other people.

  1. Sight-seeing

Ample opportunities to explore Goa of old and new is what makes this place truly unique than other places in the country. Amongst places of natural beauty and forts of old, lie a lot of places for the spiritually inclined. The centuries-old churches of Old Goa or the ancient Hindu temples perfectly compliment the lifestyle preached in the Yoga Training course.

  1. Balanced existence

The best thing about enrolling for a Teacher Training course for yoga in Goa is that it allows you to remain a tourist and experience a destination in a balanced way. Goa has a lot to offer you. Right from the pristine clean beaches to stroll to the lively energetic shacks serving delicious food. You get to meet a lot of interesting people from different parts of the world and get to peaceful enjoy yoga retreats, all of this can co-exist in perfect harmony.

  1. Clean beaches and coastal life

It is one thing to be on the beach for a couple of days and another to spend a considerable time there. While enrolling for a Teacher training course for yoga in Goa, you get to them both! You become one with the fresh salty sea breeze. You also get to understand the coastal way of life, of the locals and the importance of the relationship between man and nature. As there is no shortage of beaches in Goa, it is a perfect place to learn Yoga and be one with nature.

  1. Experiencing Indian culture

Yoga is an integral part of Indian culture. And to be around this lifestyle and this culture helps you understand the yogic life in a much better way. Goa is an excellent place to experience this culture through its people. The co-existence of different faiths and the amazing variety of food offered will help you to experience it to the fullest. During your Teacher training course, you will integrally understand the Indian culture. This will also encourage you to definitely imbibe some of it in your life.

  1. The Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute founded in 1918 is the oldest center of Yoga Teacher Training in India. The Yoga Institute in Goa is located at the beautiful Chorao Island. It offers a teacher training course as well as residential programs and provides the most holistic experience one can find. Based on the legacy of the wisdom of Yogendraji, The Yoga Institute in Goa is the perfect location to enroll yourself for the Teacher training course. This will not only lead your life onto a path of peace and fulfillment, but will also give you a chance to discover Goa and Goan culture in a new way.

These were 10 facts about Yoga Teacher Training In Goa that you never knew or did you? Share your views and thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

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Keep Practicing Yoga.

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