How is The Yoga Institute Goa Different from the Other Centres?

Yoga Institute Goa

How is The Yoga Institute Goa Different from the Other Centres?

The Yoga Institute is recognised worldwide for spreading the awareness of Yoga authentically and preserving the purity of our country’s rich ancient heritage. Headquartered in Mumbai, The Yoga Institute has branches all over India and world. In India, there are branches in Delhi, Indore and Goa, besides Mumbai. Internationally, there are branches in France, Hong Kong, Italy, Thailand, Spain, Costa Rica, to name a few. Here are some of the ways that the Goa branch stands apart from the other centres.

  1. Perfect Escape from a Busy Life: The Yoga Institute Goa is located in a lush property perched on the hillside of a beautiful island called Chorao, in the river Mandovi, near the capital city Panjim. The views of the fields and river are visible almost 360 degrees around the property. The institute is a quiet place, accessible by road, a couple of kilometres from the ferry point to Panjim. Since the institute is on the island of Chorao, there is not as much road traffic as there is in the city and life is more at a rural rather than at an urban pace.
    This creates the perfect setting for a restful getaway to connect with yourself, which is important for yoga practice and if you want to sign up for a yoga teacher’s training course.
  1. Residential Options Available: At the Yoga Institute Goa, shared or individual stay options are available in comfortable Goan-style cottages, each named after local birds. All modern amenities are available, such as air conditioning, housekeeping, etc., so your stay is comfortable and relaxed. There is an infinity swimming pool with a breathtaking, uninterrupted view of the river and hills all around.
  1. Great Opportunity to Explore Goa while Learning a New Skill: If you haven’t been to the beautiful state of Goa, one of India’s most visited tourist destinations, the Yoga Institute Goa offers you the opportunity to explore the real Goa, while also learning a new skill, which is teaching yoga.
    Often, tourists only experience the beach belt of Goa which has a cosmopolitan ambience that is somewhat lacking in authentic Goan culture. This is because the beach belt is inhabited by people from all over India and also different parts of the world. This makes the area interesting and diverse, but has a different charm from experiencing a truly Goan village like Chorao. From your base in Chorao, however, you can easily explore the beautiful city of Panjim which is only 15 minutes away. You can also explore north and south Goa, both of which have beautiful beaches, architecture, museums and shopping.
  1. Affordable Luxury in a Resort Setting: The fee for the Teacher’s Training Course at The Yoga Institute Goa includes your stay in a resort setting (formerly called Viva Chorao), sattvik, organic meals, study material, daily practice and theory classes for the duration of a month. When you consider all these inclusions, one realises that the fees for the courses offer great value to incoming students.
    Each of the centres of The Yoga Institute offers authentic yoga training so you can choose the one that is closest to you or if you would like to get away from a busy life, travel to a beautiful place, connect to yourself and take the opportunity to learn an important new life skill, then you should consider The Yoga Institute Goa. Our students tell us that their yoga teacher training course in goa experience has been “eye-opening” and “refreshing”.
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