Ways to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Ways to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Ways to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Each one of us has a unique body that twists and turns in its own unique ways. The purpose and aim of Yoga aren’t to just make you flexible, but to improve the overall quality of your life on all levels of existence. Yoga can give you a lot of things in return, if only you give it enough time and attention, and if you do it correctly. If done with improper knowledge and techniques, Yoga asanas can sometimes also lead to injuries and complications. So it is always advisable to learn from an expert and practice under their guidance, at least in the initial months.

We, at The Yoga Institute, try to propagate only the systematic ways of doing traditional Yoga asanas, which are completely safe and beneficial to the body and mind. Visit us once to get all your doubts cleared and also relearn the Yogic techniques in order to improve your yoga practice, in a better and proper manner.

The Yoga practice does not end after the one hour that you spend on the mat, rather it continues even when you are off the mat. You must carry your yoga practice with you, especially in times of stress, by being aware of your breath, mind, and body.

Here are a few ways to improve your yoga practice:

  • Introspection is one of the key areas in which you can improve your yoga practice. Reflect on your asanas and pranayamas, and try to align it with correct breathing and mindfulness. At the end of the day, you can also start journalling and reflecting on your day, and try to be a better version of yourself with each passing day. Yoga really helps you to have a clearer vision and perception of life, one that is not blurred by the hectic work-life balance.
  • Listen to your body: Your body is your best teacher. Try to fine-tune yourself to what it is trying to tell you. If you aren’t able to touch your forehead to your knees, it is absolutely ok, everyone has their own pace, learn to respect that. Love your body and respect its certain limitations. And no matter what, never compare your practice to that of the person sitting next to you. Yoga only wants you to experience Sthirata (Stability) and Sukhata (Happiness) in your practice.
  • Just keep breathing: Every time your body stretches and opens up, inhale. And every time there is a contraction or the muscles get compressed, exhale. A lot of people forget to coordinate their breath with their yoga practice. Always remember to focus on your breath and enhance your yoga practice. Breathing right will not only help you with your asanas but also with your life. Whenever you are angry, or stressed, always bring your breath under control first.
    Chale vate chalam chittam nischale nischalaṃ bhavet
    If the breath is disturbed, the mind is disturbed. Control your breath and it will control your mind.
  • Practice Yoga for the remaining 23 hours as well, and not just the one hour that you spend on the mat. Have your regular asana practices made your body flexible and supple? Are you more aware of your breath than before? Are you able to handle stressful and difficult situations in life, in a better manner now? Do you feel short of breath now as compared to before your pranayama practices? Try to practice Yoga in its true sense – by making it a way of life.

Some more tips to improve your yoga practice are:

  • Your diet plays an important role in making your body supple and ready for Yoga. Have a sattvic diet as it will help you keep your body light and healthy
  • Be consistent with your practice, whether it is on the mat or off the mat. Nothing will give you results if you just show up once in a few days. Only regular efforts can give your results.
  • Give some time to meditation as well. Only a calm and composed mind can take you further into your practice. Aum meditation, breath meditation, meditating on your senses, are a few of the techniques which you can adopt in your routine.
  • Try to sit in silence for a few minutes before your practice. Don’t just directly jump into it. Practice Nishpanda Bhavana, calm your mind down, and only then start with your asana. You will instantly be able to notice a difference in your practice.
  • Have a clean and decluttered space around you for it to reflect in your state of mind as well.
  • Try to study the scriptures as well under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The Yoga Institute recommends its students to read as much as they can about Yoga, to not only improve their practice but also the quality of life.

Just making and incorporating these little changes here and there in your yoga practice, you will see a great difference. The more you try to weave yoga into your daily activities, the more it will enhance and improve your yoga practice.

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